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We’re keen to find out what these new types of mattresses can offer us. The story behind memory foam is interesting and should show us the benefits and weaknesses of sleeping on this space-age material.

A memory foam mattress is an incredible innovation in the sleep market where relaxation and quality of sleep are king. Countless different products and designs have been made available, but the smart memory foam range appears to be the much best option for individuals who are searching for more comfort and much better body support while they sleep.


A memory foam mattress is also comprised of polyurethane just like other common foam mattresses, while some additional chemicals have also been included to offer the memory foam with a denser quality. These chemicals also assist in providing the memory foam with outstanding body-molding properties.


The memory foam mattress is the product of research done by NASA scientists who in the 1970’s were searching for a method to minimize the pressure brought on by G-forces when spacecraft were being launched into space. The research led them to establish the memory foam mattress. It ultimately didn’t find its way into use in the NASA space program, but nonetheless found great use in the sleep market.

The advanced comfort and health benefits became widely known, the memory foam mattress became a true hit. The additional level of comfort is thanks to memory foam’s ability to mold itself into the shape of the individual that lies on it.


The denser properties of the memory mattress allow it to support the body more effectively. Its capability to mold into an individual’s body contours permits it to eliminate pressure on particular areas that might become unpleasant for an extended period of resting. This is particularly important to individuals who are required to remain in bed for extended periods of time for medical or other reasons. If a client remains in bed for long periods of time, normal foam or spring mattresses can quickly trigger unpleasant and even dangerous bed sores.


Memory foam mattresses are also conscious of temperature. Cool temperature levels make the memory foam firmer while warm temperature levels make it softer. When an individual lies on memory foam, the mattress to react to body heat which allows the foam to then mold itself to the contours of the body. This is particularly a welcome characteristic particularly for individuals struggle to find a comfortable sleeping position over the course of the night.


Injuries to particular parts of the body have the tendency to be warmer as they heal. With a memory foam mattress, an injured part of the body might be offered some additional comfort thanks to the memory foam’s temperature-sensitive properties. Not just that, a memory foam mattress also takes in heat and keeps it trapped for a longer time. This assists in supplying a great deal of warmth to individuals who live in areas that grow cold during the winter months.